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My Tech Drive

About Me:-

My Tech Drive

I’m Dilip Varma from Mumbai (India).

I have completed my bachelor’s degree in “Bachelor in Accounting & Finance” from “Mumbai University”.

Currently, I’m working in a company.

As I have an attraction towards technology and gadgets I have a habit of gaining more and more knowledge about it worldwide.

I thought that I should share my knowledge also regarding the new technologies and gadgets so I started my own website/blog.

So that I can share my knowledge and may my content help my readers gain some tech knowledge.

So, I’m a Tech Blogger 👨‍💻who writes, Tech Contents 📝 on Smartphones📲, Laptops💻, Tech Guide📖, Smart Watch⌚, TV’s📺 & more.

About “My Tech Drive

My Tech Drive is a blog/website which will empower you to gain updates and knowledge about tech Contents 📝 like Smartphones📲, Laptops💻, Tech Guide📖, Smart Watch⌚, TV’s📺 & more.

Our slogan “Tech Empowerment” means to give the right knowledge about the right prod.

It will make sure that the readers gain the right and 100% accurate knowledge.

Make sure you subscribe to our blog to get the right knowledge and updates regarding technology and gadgets.

Contact us

Business Enquiries:- Contactus@mytechdrive.com

Basic Queries:- mytechdrive1@gmail.com

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