Xiaomi Mi Smart Band 5 | Mi Band 5

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Xiaomi Mi Smart Band 5

Xiaomi Mi Smart Band 5

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Today the smart band industry is witnessing the biggest competition in the budget and mid-range segment.

And almost every brand had started producing smart bands, companies like MISamsungHonorHuamiRealme, and many more.

Xiaomi Mi Smart Band 5 is a budget smart band with great battery life.

Xiaomi Mi Smart Band 5

Xiaomi Mi Smart Band 5 is the best smartwatch under 2500 which provides us with the best features considering its price range.

Xiaomi`s fitness bands are very popular all over the world.

From Xiaomi`s fitness band 1 to the fitness band 5 there are some of the upgrades than the older version.

This band can save a lot of your money because Xiaomi Mi Smart Band 5 is a fitness band that can easily track or monitoring your health and fitness.

Mi Smart Band 5 is the successor of the Mi Band 4, as it offers sleep tracking, indoor and outdoor tracking of activities, continuous heart rate monitoring, and many more.

Xiaomi Mi Smart Band 5

As in the Mi Smart Band 4, the Mi Smart Band 5 also has the phone notification feature on both Android and iPhones.

You can play music through your band and can also check the weather.

This time the Mi Smart Band 5 comes with a touchscreen AMOLED display, with a better resolution and brightness.

The design remains the same, and the band’s battery life is up to 14days which is a great plus point to purchase it.

This time the charging setup is changed you can easily charge your Mi Smart Band 5.

The global variant of Mi Smart Band 5 does not come with NFC for payments and Xiao Ai smart assistant features.

But still, it offers great features considering the price of the band.



Xiaomi Mi Smart Band 5

The Mi Smart Band 5 is designed as same as the Mi Smart Band 4, you will not notice any difference in the design.

The Mi Band comes with six different colorful straps in the box.

Xiaomi Mi Smart Band 5

Design is very simple like always and it is not or less stylish than Fitbit’s trackers.

Built quality is pretty good because it doesn’t feel ‘cheap’ in terms of built quality.

The display is the one thing that is changed as compared to the Mi Band 4, it comes with an AMOLED display of 1.1-inch and a resolution of 126 x 294.

Xiaomi has also upgraded this band in terms of brightness, it has got a max brightness of 450 nits.

due to its pretty display, it wipes its all the competitors.

Smart Band

The Mi Smart Band 5’s screen is bright, colorful, responsive, and crucially, easy to view in bright sunlight.

Due to its increased size of the screen, it helps to view more information on the display at once.

Xiaomi has also increased the size of the icons on the band.

This makes it more watchable clearly.

Mi Smart Band 5 comes with a heart rate monitoring sensor.

Smart Band

There is a touch button on the display to wake the display up.

The main highlight of this band is the way the Mi Smart Band 5 is charged.

In Mi Band 4 you had to take off the tracker module out of the strap to charge it.

Smart Band

But, now you can charge the band by magnetic charging cable plugs directly.

This means now you don’t have to remove the tracker out of the straps for charging.

The waterproof rating of Mi Smart Band 5 is 5ATM.

You can use the feature of swim tracking while swimming.


Everyday use

Xiaomi Mi Smart Band 5

The Mi Band 5 accessible with both Android and iPhones.

The feature you get is, you can read the notification on the band, weather forecast, Click photos, play music, and many more.

That doesn`t mean that the smart band is a perfect one because it`s a budget smart band.

You will notice some bags on this smart band surely.

Xiaomi has provided some band faces on this Mi Smart Band 5 which synced from the Mi Fit app.

But, Xiaomi should have given more faces to this app for a better interface experience.

The Mi Smart Band 5 is not at all heavy it is very comfortable to wear.

Smart Band

At night you can wear it and as it will automatically monitor your sleep just you have to do some settings priorly.

talking about the reliability of the data which is displayed on this smart band is 80% to 90% correct and accurate.

There was a slight breakdown on the part of the battery as in Mi Band 4’s 135mAh battery could last for 20 days and in Mi Smart Band 5 it has a 125mAh battery, which can last for 14 days.

But, the battery is not an issue as it is power-packed with many more features and functions this time.


Fitness tracking

Smart Band

The Mi Smart Band 5 has the same sensors as in the previous bands.

It has an accelerometer, gyroscope motion sensor, and heart rate monitor sensor.

There no inbuilt GPS on the smart band but, you can use your phone’s GPS.

Smart Band

You can view your all basic fitness tracking stats like daily step counting and all.

It has 11 different modes like outdoor running, power walking, cycling (indoor and outdoor), treadmill running, pool swimming, skipping, elliptical, yoga, and a freestyle mode.

Smart Band

It is surprising that it also tracks jumps for a skipping session.

Smart Band

In this smart band, you also get a heart rate tracking feature you also get a very useful option of alerts.

The data of heart rate tracking can sometimes be not soo accurate.

Stress tracking is also a good feature is added.

Smart Band


Mi Fit app

The user interface of the Mi Fit app is good.

Smart Band

You can do all the adjustments in this app to customize your smart band.

You can easily sync your smart band.

A lot of things you can do on this Mi Fit app.

The status screen gives you the results of your most recent data, which you can further analyze deeply.

Dedicated tracking screens are also provided for running, cycling, and walking when you use your GPS.

You can also set up the type of notifications you want to receive on the smart band.


Buy it if…

If you want a budget smart band or an affordable fitness tracker then you should go for it.

The Xiaomi Mi Smart Band 5 has a high-quality touchscreen and many unique features.

It has a great screen to view your fitness data as compared to the bands which cost a lot more.

In Xiaomi Mi Smart Band 5 you get the best offer of accurate tracking support.

If your GPS is connected then it can give you more accurate data of your fitness tracking.


Don’t buy it if…

It has a stylish look but certainly, you can find a tracker with more stylish looks and which looks less like a fitness band.

The heart rate monitor sensor is not that much accurate as it is an important issue for many people.

The Chinese variant has the feature of NFC but, we do not get to see the NFC feature in India or the globe variant.


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