PUBG MOBILE Not Getting Any Approval From Indian Government

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PUBG MOBILE India Return Is Difficult

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PUBG officials are not getting any permission from the Indian Government to launch the game again.

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Very difficult For PUBG to Return in India, No Reaction From Ministry On Meeting Request.

PUBG Mobile India: will not be able to come to India with their PUBG mobile game.

The Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MEITY) is yet to respond to the request of PUBG officials for a meeting.


it’s been more than 4 weeks now since the company officials have requested ministry officials for a meeting – but the officials have informed me that MEITY is yet to respond to the request.

Indian Government is yet to respond to the request for the meeting.

The PUBG MOBILE officials are ready to accept all norms set by the Indian government – but there is no official response from the MEITY office.

Rumors about the PUBG MOBILE game returning to India are going immensely viral for 2 – 3 weeks.

But the reality is that the PUBG officials still don’t have any permission from the Indian government to make a return to India.

That is why the officials of the newly formed PUBG entity in India had officially requested MEITY for a meeting.

We are hearing the rumors for 2 – 3 weeks that PUBG is returning soon in India but, that is not the exact truth.

PUBG officials are repeatedly requesting a meeting with the Indian Government.

The request is not accepted by the MEITY.

PUBG officials are pushing very hard to relaunch the new version of PUBG MOBILE in India.


According to the news, the approval or disapproval of the meeting will decide if permission to Relaunch can be granted to the officials or not.

So it’s totally dependents on the Indian Government that they approve or not and if approved then when it’s getting to come.

As per the news, it looks like PUBG will not get approval to launch PUBG MOBILE in India.


PUBG Mobile was banned in India along with the other Chinese Apps in September and there is no change in that attitude at this stage.

News is viral that PUBG India officials have “repeatedly requested” ministry officials to comply with a gathering with the corporate because it hopes to amend any prior concerns of the sport being linked to Chinese servers.

It is important to note that the Indian government is yet to issue clearance for any of the 267 banned Chinese apps to operate in India again.

The reason behind this is concerns around Chinese penetration of Indian cyberspace, owing to which popular apps such as TikTok, PUBG Mobile, AliExpress, CamScanner, Shareit, and others have so far faced.


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