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Best Smartwatch Under 5000⌚

Do you know which is the best smartwatch under 5000 🤔❓

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best smartwatch under 5000

We have come up with the best smartwatch under 5000 on our post📝…..

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Today the smartwatch⌚ industry is witnessing the biggest competition in the budget and mid-range segment.

And almost every brand had started producing smartwatches, companies like MI, Samsung, Honor, Huami, Realme, and many more.

Huami Amazfit Verge Lite is a budget smartwatch with great battery life.

Huami Amazfit Verge Lite is the best smartwatch under 5000 which provides us with the best features considering its price range.

Does the price range justify its value as the best smartwatch under 5000❓

Let’s find🔎 out is it worth purchasing💸

the best smartwatch under 5000 or not❓

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best smartwatch under 5000

As we all know and we all see that every brand has its own audience and fan following nowadays.

And as a smartwatch⌚ was launched by the brands it got huge attention from the audience.

In 2015, the launch of the Apple Watch got a huge response from its customers and fans.

And Apple has sold millions of its smartwatches⌚ but, in comparison to its iPhone sale definitely, the sale of the smartwatch was a bit less🔽.

Yes☑, it is right that wearable smartwatches⌚ are not a failure.

And there are upcoming new brands like Huami that are providing the best smartwatch under 5000 and so on in many different price ranges.

Huami launched its many smartwatches⌚ in India in the best price segments.

Today we talking all about the Huami Amazfit Verge Lite smartwatch which is the best smartwatch under 5000.



  • 3 Inch AMOLED Color Screen
  • 7 Sports Modes & GPS + GLONASS Dual Satellite Positioning System
  • Optical Sensor, 24-hour Heart Rate monitor
  • 20 Days Long Standby

best smartwatch under 5000

Yes☑, this is true that smartwatches can’t beat the smartphone📲 industry which is way ahead in comparison to smartwatches.

But, this is also true that nowadays consumers are more attracted to the smartwatch industry as throughout these past years every brand has entered this industry.

And a huge competition is occurred between all the brands due to which we are seeing today not only the best smartwatches under 5000 but in all segments.

And at aggressive pricing💸.

Youngsters are more attracted towards these smartwatches⌚ rather than a smartphone📲 and it is just because these watches come with the best design, look premium, with all the latest features, gestures, and many more.

Huami Amazfit Verge Lite is the product/device of Huami who is trying their best to provide the best smartwatches and more.

And now, here we are going to see all the features in detail…..!!!


Design and Display of the best smartwatch under 5000

best smartwatch under 5000

This watch is very premium in looks and the biggest attraction of this watch is its design.

So, when I ask you to tell me how the watch shape looks like❓

The first thing in your mind that will come is that the shape of the watch would be circular.

And you are definitely right, this smartwatch also comes with the same circle design.

The watch⌚ looks like a premium mechanical watch but, rather it is a smartwatch.

best smartwatch under 5000

The watch is big, wider, and muscular in appearance.

One of my friends asked me if it was a Casio G-Shock⌚ and I thought in my mind that it was a huge appraisal by my friend.

This was due to the huge, premium-looking design of this watch.

The watch is fully made of polycarbonate material and premium aluminum but then too it feels like a metallic design.

best smartwatch under 5000

The watch does not feel like a cheap one, but yes, it feels a little premium.

It comes at 4,999 INR, and I think this is aggressive pricing.

The display size of this device is a 1.3-inch circular AMOLED display which has a dial diameter of 43mm.

The display of this watch is very bright and easy to view in bright sunlight conditions.

Its auto-brightness works quite well as you will not face any problem while using it.

best smartwatch under 5000

The clarity of the display is very sharp as the text, numbers and everything is clearly visible🧐.

But, the watch faces⌚ are very limited.

Though you can easily add custom watch faces the process is very tricky.

A single button⏺ is given at the side of the watch named Home.

There are 2 colour variants white and Grey

best smartwatch under 5000

As the button⏺ is named as a home it takes you to the home with one click👆.

It also can be used to activate or customize the display.

As it’s the best smartwatch under 5,000 it comes with a heart rate sensor at the backside of the watch.

Watch also comes with replaceable wristbands⌚ you change them as per your choice.

The wristband which comes in the box is made up of silicone and polycarbonate material for comfortable fitting over a long period of time.


Fitness Tracking

best smartwatch under 5000

Nowadays every smartwatch⌚ comes with a feature called sports tracking.

Like any other smartwatch brand, one of the major promises is to track your activities accurately and the same does the Amazfit Verge Lite.

It comes with many features of tracking like you footstep counting👣, walking, cycling🚴‍♀️, running on a treadmill, indoor cycling, and many other forms of exercise🦾.

This is the most accurate device💯 for tracking your sports activities like running, walking, and many more.

It has an inbuilt GPS tracker that not only tracks your sports activities but also maps them for you.

best smartwatch under 5000

If you run while wearing this watch at the end of your run you will get to know the duration, distance covered, the pace of your running, heart rate, stride length, and the calories you have burned.

This watch provides a lot of data which can be used to improve more accurately the activities and to be motivated.

You can find this data very useful for tracking your tasks.

But friends😊 it is also true that the watch cannot provide you with 100% accuracy.

So, you should not rely totally on these IoT devices⌚.

I have used this watch for outdoor running and I have also used the MI band 4 but, the results of both the tracking were different.

Amazfit Verge Lite also comes with a unique feature of heart rate tracking

best smartwatch under 5000

But, there was an instance when the watch started telling me that my heart rate is low which is below 50 beats per minute.

And when I consulted my doctor, telling him about this he told me there is no problem with heart rate it’s normal.

According to the watch, the average rate should be between 60 and 80 BPM.

I faced one more issue while I was walking the device recorded it as a run which was not correct.

I didn’t face this problem many times but it should be fixed by upcoming updates.

There are some more defaults that I think that Huami should fix with the help of upcoming updates.

One of my favorite features was the alert by the watch for being idle, which helped me a lot for doing my all works on time and effectively.


Sleep Tracking

best smartwatch under 5000

So, yes☑ this watch also comes with a sleep tracker which is a great feature.

It is a great feature because this feature is not there in Apple Watch which is so expensive.

The watch gives a reminder to you to go to bed early for better sleep.

While sleeping you should wear this watch then only you can track your sleep.

First I thought that how would be able to sleep with wearing a watch but, later on, I got used to it.

This watch tracks your sleep accurately as per me.

The sleeping data which the watch collects segregates them into a deep sleep and light sleep.

And friends it does not track Rapid Eye Movements.

Along with all this, the watch also provides data related to sleep quality analysis and comparison with other users.




Amazfit Verge Lite comes with many connectivity options.

Huami has provided the support of Bluetooth 5.0 in this watch for a better connectivity experience.

The Amazfit Verge Lite watch⌚ is easily pairable with both Android as well as iOS.

Friends the watch also comes with in-built GPS tracking for route mapping.

You can connect your watch⌚ with the Amazfit app to use more features.

But to be true the performance of this app is not so good.

Loading of your data on this app is very slow while opening the app.

I have used this app and I’m not so happy with it because if you open the GPS data you will have to wait for a long time.

And also it takes more time to change the watch faces because you have to download it then sync it then wait.


Battery Life


You will find no issue with its battery life as it comes with a massive battery power of 20 days.

This watch⌚ is designed in such a way that it consumes less power and helps the watch to run for a long time.



Specifications of Amazfit Verge Lite


Box Contents Smartwatch, Charging Cable, User Manual
Model Number A1818
Model Name Amazfit Verge Lite
Dial Shape Circle
Strap Colours Grey and White
Strap Material Silicone
Size Regular
Touchscreen Yes
Water-Resistant Yes
Water Resistance Depth 1.5 m
Usage Fitness & Outdoor
Ideal For Men & Women



Watch Details

Closure Strap Buckle
Sensor Tri-axial Acceleration, PPG Heart Rate, Ambient Light Sensors
Connect To iPhone, Android Smartphones
Notification Yes
Notification Type Vibration
Battery Type Lithium Polymer
Battery Life Up to 20 Days (Huami Claims)
Rechargeable Battery Yes
Charger Type AC Adapter
Other Features Sleek and Minimalistic Design, Built-in Ultra-Low Power Sony 28 nm GPS Chip (GPS + GLONASS), 390 mAh Lithium Polymer Battery



Connectivity Features
Call Function No
Bluetooth Yes
Wi-Fi No
Bluetooth Version V 5.0
Operating Range 10 m


Display Resolution 360 x 360 Pixels
Display Size 33 mm
Display Type AMOLED
Backlight Display Yes
Scratch Resistant Yes
Other Display Features AMOLED Color Display with Corning Gorilla Glass 3 Protection and Anti-fingerprint Coating


Watch Features

Calorie Count Yes
Step Count Yes
Heart Rate Monitor Yes
Other Fitness Features Sedentary Reminders, Activity Tracker (Distance, Steps, Calories Burned, Sleep), Multiple Sports Modes (Outdoor Running, Treadmill, Walking, Outdoor Cycling, Indoor Cycling, Elliptical Trainer, Exercise)
Date & Time Display Yes
Calendar Yes
Alarm Clock Yes
Language English
Number of Buttons 1
Other Watch Functions Customizable Watch Faces, Music Control, Silent Alarms with Customized Vibration, Event Reminder, Smart Notifications (Call/Text, Calendar, Email, and Other Smartphone Apps)




Thickness 21.8 mm
Diameter 43 mm



Warranty 1 Year Manufacturer Warranty



I think the Amazfit Verge Lite is a great deal at its pricing of Rs 4,999.

This watch will not disappoint you in day to day usage.

You can find it very decent in use, as you do not face the problems again and again.

But, yes☑ there are some bugs😐 that the Huami should definitely fix.

Friends to be true it will take a long time for the watch⌚ to connect to any smartphone.

You will find limited watch faces to change on the watch.

Its design is really good and decent.

And as per my opinion, you should buy this best smartwatch under 5000 if it satisfies your needs.

You can buy this best smartwatch for under 5000 because it is worth purchasing as it is a better choice in its price range.

And if you want more good-looking plus awesome features then you will have to spend more on an expensive watch.


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